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The Intergroup Office

Please call before coming to verify the office is staffed and has the supplies needed.  Intergroup usually has AA literature, chips, and pamphlets available but please check before visiting.

What is an Intergroup?

A central office (or intergroup) is an A.A. service office that involves partnership among groups in a community – just as A.A. groups themselves are partnerships of individuals. A central office is established to carry out certain function common to all groups – functions which are best handled by a centralized office – and it is usually maintained supervised, and supported by these groups in their general interest. It exists to aid the groups in their common purpose of carrying the A.A. message to the alcoholic who still suffers.

Interested in Starting a New Group?

New groups in the Grand Strand Intergroup region must register with G.S.O.  Complete the official new meeting form below and send to G.S.O. Once your group has been assigned a Group Number please send it to Grand Strand Intergroup to be included in meeting listings.

Grand Strand Intergroup is a committee of volunteers that encourages mutual support and cooperation between AA groups and provides services that would be too much for the individual groups to handle by themselves. Grand Strand Intergroup also provides services for the AA community and the general public.

Who We Are

Grand Strand Intergroup is a committee of volunteers that encourages mutual support and cooperation between AA groups and provides services that would be too much for the individual groups to handle by themselves. Grand Strand Intergroup provides the following services for the AA community and the general public:

  • Central Office
  • Literature Distribution
  • Meeting Schedules
  • A.A. Hotline
  • Liaison Services for A.A. Groups
  • Liaison Services for the General Public
  • Service Committees
  • Public Information
  • Cooperation with the Professional Community
  • Cooperation with Treatment Facilities
  • Cooperation with Correctional Facilities
  • Sponsor special functions for all groups

History of the Grand Strand Intergroup

The Grand Strand Intergroup was formed in the fall of 1982 by George E. and Bill H.  The main purpose of Intergroup was to obtain an answering service to better carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous.  For a long time Alcoholics Anonymous would ring into a members home and they would take the calls and disburse them.  As AA grew, so did the need for a professional answering service.  A small group of alcoholics met and contacted the AA groups which agreed the service was needed, and Intergroup began.  It began with five groups, Primary Purpose Group, Myrtle Beach Group, Midway Group, Murrells Inlet Group and Sun Fun Group.  The first Answering Service was Palmetto Answering Service and the cost was $45.00 per month and Intergroup paid the small phone bill.  According to the oldest minutes found, (dated 12/1/1983) Intergroup met at St Phillips Church, 62nd Ave., on the 1st Thursday of each month.  Intergroup opened their first checking account January 20th, 1983.  The December 1983 minutes stated Intergroup would begin selling literature as a service to the groups, instead of the groups going directly through GSO.

Guidelines from the Greater Columbia Intergroup and Greenville Intergroup were obtained as a guide.

Literature packages were distributed at the Old Prison Farm, and the Horry County Jail along with old grapevines.  The Clergy was given literature along with physicians and various employment agencies.  Ads ran in the newspaper 7 days a week in the personal column.  (“If you want to drink that is your business if you want to stop, it’s ours”.)

A stamp was made and all literature stamped with Intergroup’s phone number before being handed out.

Intergroup’s first big fundraiser was the New Year’s Eve dance held at St. Andrews Church.  According to the minutes it went very well and at that time they hoped to make it a yearly event.

Before any decision was made regarding the work of Intergroup, the question was always asked, are we abiding within the Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Intergroup Committees and Services

Responsibility Statement: When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, we want the hand of AA always to be there. And for that: we are responsible.

Grand Strand Intergroup provides a number of vital services to the AA community, thanks to the work of AA member committees, service boards and Intergroup representatives.

Bridging The Gap

…between those leaving treatment and the rooms of AA. Help newcomers find their way to meetings & feel more connected when they get there.

Professional Community

Keeping the professional community that works with alcoholics, such as medical & treatment professionals, clergy, lawyers, educators & law enforcement, informed about AA.

Treatment Centers

Sharing our experience, strength, and hope with the alcoholic who still suffers by taking meeting into treatment facilities.

Correction Facilities

Take meetings into correctional facilities & carries the AA message to the alcoholic who suffers.

Public Information

Panels meet with the media, schools, clubs, and the general public and show videos (produced by the General Service Office), provide literature, contact information and answer questions about AA.

24/7 AA Hotline

Hotline volunteers are often first contact for AA, and keep the phones staffed 24-hours a day by taking calls from home.

Annual Picnic Committee

For many years, Myrtle Beach AA’s have been getting together for an annual picnic – but it wouldn’t happen without dedicated volunteers.

Intergroup Representatives

IGRs represent their AA group at the monthly meeting, and keep their group appraised on motions, activities and ongoing topics.

Web & Digital Committee

Our committee aims to promote unity, service and recovery in the areas from Florence to the entire Grand Strand through accurate & easily accessible digital materials including the website and email distribution.